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A Blast to the Past 'Crackheads' Gone Wild Atlanta, Ga

It's 20 20 my nigga,

Are you still smoking crack?

Yo mama and yo daddy ain't,

Tell you that's whack?

What's a pap to a sack,

Or a fiend to a shoot?

I rather be selling lean than,

Shining your boots.

I'm loose on a goose,

I'm still on a chase,

I rather be real than living life fake.

It's o.k to be cute,

It's o.k to get paid,

But if they're smoking crack,

They don't deserve to get laid.

I'm the light in the shade,

I'm a G to a rook,

Call me live bait because,

I got the world hooked. ~Trilliz

#80'$ Baby

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