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  • Can you contact someone live?
    Yes! We have a 24hr answering service that will answer any and all of your questions. Simply email the question and someone will respond.
  • Can Trillalicious supply your "Passion Party?""
    Yes! We will supply all sex toys that are desired. Orders and special request must be made at least three weeks in advance. We have everything you need for pleasure and fun.
  • Does Trillalicious host "Passion Parties"?"
    Yes! Fees are negotiable. A minimum of $1,500.00 is required. Rates may increase if sex toys are supplied.
  • Special Item Request
    If you have a request for an item that is not in stock or on display, please send in inquiries with information about the item and it may be speacially ordered for you.
  • Items That Are Out of stock
    Occasionally, an item may be out of stock from the manufacturer. Our procedures for out of stock items are as follows: You can not place the order online until the item is in stock. However you are able to email a request to get served first.
  • Undeliverable Packages
    Please verify that your shipping information entered and contact number are correct. Incorrect billing or shipping information will delay the processing of your order. An undeliverable package is a package where as the air express company can not reach the consignee. Due to the shipping in international delivery, there will be stocking charge if they can not reach the consignee after 3 days, and customers have to pay the charge after they collect the products. So please make sure your shipping address and the telephone number are correct.
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